Affordable Ring/Halo Light for Instagram Reels

Affordable Ring/Halo Light to buy for Instagram Reels (Top Picks)

by Pon Sunil

As we are all aware of the differences that a professional lighting setup will have on video creation!

Having a professional Lighting and Studio setup is like a dream for budding creators, So can they really make it budget-friendly?

Yes, Absolutely! Here, I’ll guide you in selecting the Best Budget-Friendly Ring/Halo Light for your Video/Reel creation.

Why Should you have the lighting set up for Instagram Reels?

You may ask, Why Should I Have a Lighting Setup? The answer is, While we all like how the sunlight works magic on our reels, the problem with sunlight is whether it will be at constant intensity. No!

While natural light offers undeniable beauty, its variable intensity, and time constraints can pose challenges for consistent video production.

That’s why creators leverage artificial lighting setups, which help them maintain a professional-grade quality and explore creative lighting techniques to elevate their Instagram Reels.

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No light Vs. cheap Lighting Vs. professional Lighting

In this section, I’ll show you the effects of different lighting setups on your visual content.

Effects of Natural Lighting on Your Visual Content

Effects of Natural Lighting on Your Visual Content

This picture is a descriptive image that visually shows the effect of sunlight/natural lighting while recording a video.

As you can see, The intensity is high and the reflections can also make your videos less professional and authentic.

And to make it even worse, the intensity of this lighting setup is not constant, making it less easy for your editing works.

Effects of Halo/Ring Lights on Your Visual Content

In this Section, I’ll explain the differences in lighting, that a Ring/Halo Light makes on your visual content.

Halo/Ring light Comparison 45° and 90° placement

While using the Ring/Halo Lights you can clearly see the difference that it makes in your visual content.

The main benefit that this lighting setup provides is that the lighting is constant and if placed in the correct position the reflections can be neglected.

Also, the major difference between this and the Professional Softbox lighting setup is the magenta tint that appears while recording under this lighting condition.

However, This magenta tint can be easily corrected by simple editing as this lighting condition will be constant throughout the video content.

Whereas in natural lighting, the intensity of the light is not constant and can’t be controlled!

Down here is the comparison image of the edited visual which was recorded under the halo/ring light and an unedited image which was taken under professional lighting👇

Comparison Between a edited image taken under a Ring Light and an unedited image take under a softbox/professional lighting

As you can clearly see, With some little color Correction, you can Shoot professional Videos by just using these Ring/Halo Lights

Best Halo/Ring Lights to Buy to Light up Your Instagram Reels

FeatureNEEWER Ring Light 18inch KitAmazon Basics 12″ LED Ring LightUBeesize 12″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod StandOsaka 14″Professional LED Ring Light with TripodDigitek (DRL12C) Professional LED Ring Light with Tripod
Diameter18 inchesAvailability (10-18 inches )12 inchesAvailability (10-18 inches)Availability (12-18 inches)
Color TemperatureAdjustable (3200K-5500K)
3 light modes (Warm Yellow, Warm White, Warm Light)

(5 colour Temperatures)
Golden Natural, Pearlescent Champagne,
Iced Gold,
Beige White,
(3 light modes)
(3 light modes)
Bright White,
Warm White,
Warm Yellow,
Brightness AdjustmentYesYesYesYesYes
Phone Holder
Tripod StandIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Carrying BagIncludedNot includedNot includedNot includedNot included
Amazon Rating
4.7 stars (over 69,378 reviews)

Not Available

4.5 stars (over 12,460 reviews)

4.2 stars (over 7,871 reviews)

4.1 stars (over 12,348 reviews)
Price RangePremium Pricing
Budget-Friendly Pricing

Premium Pricing
Moderate PricingBudget-Friendly Pricing
Current PricingCheck PricingCheck PricingCheck PricingCheck PricingCheck Pricing


As aspiring creators, we all dream of captivating visuals that elevate our content. While professional lighting setups may seem out of reach, budget-friendly ring/halo lights offer a powerful and affordable solution.

In this blog post, I have explored and compared the benefits and limitations of natural light with the advantages of ring/halo lights, highlighting their consistent intensity and easy color correction.

I have also provided a comprehensive table that empowers you to compare the top picks based on features like price, size, color temperature options, etc. 

Remember, investing in a ring/halo light is an investment in your creativity. 

So, embrace the power of light to unleash your artistic vision, and take your Instagram Reels to the next level!

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