12+Benefits of Instagram Achievements

by Pon Sunil

Hey there, I’m back again with a post About Instagram Achievements, Why? you might ask.

Recently, People have shown interest in my post “Best Guide About Instagram Achievements” and one of my friends is also Interested in Utilizing the benefits of Instagram Achievements.

So, here I am excited to tell you about the benefits of Instagram Achievements and how you can leverage those benefits for your Instagram Growth and Online Success.

Benefits Of Instagram Achievements

As I said in my previous blog post, Instagram Achievements are created by Instagram to Improve user satisfaction and to increase the average time spent on Instagram.

However, These Instagram achievements are not necessarily a bad thing! These Instagram Achievements can be used to leverage many benefits like increased credibility, Authenticity, etc.

In this blog post, for your Simplicity, I have divided those benefits into Direct Benefits and Indirect Benefits.

Here are the two main categories of benefits that you can gain from Instagram Achievements

Direct Benefits of Instagram Achievements

  • Increased Credibility
  • Improved Visibility
  • Monetization Opportunities
  • Engagement & Growth
  • Progress Tracking

Indirect Benefits of Instagram Achievements

  • Motivation & Gamification
  • Content Strategy
  • Community Building
  • Learning & Improvement
  • Data & Insights (Future Potential)

After Knowing the Benefits, you might wonder how to see your Instagram Achievements. Here’s a guide to help you see your Instagram Achievements.

How Creators Can Benefit from Different Instagram Achievement Badges?

Though there are many benefits that you can leverage by showcasing your Instagram Achievements, Knowing what kind of Audience, and goals you want to reach makes a great difference.

So, Here I’ll explain how you can strategically use the “Instagram Achievements” feature/badges to Achieve your Goals.

These are the three primary steps to follow to effectively use Instagram Achievements to achieve your online success

  • Identifying your Target Audience
  • Goal-Oriented Achievement Hunting
  • Strategic Badge Pursuit

Here’s a Complete Guide about Instagram Achievements to help you, Feel free to check out/

1. Identifying your Target Audience

Target Audience? or Should I say Your Tribe? Whatever or However you Describe it, Knowing the audience group that you are creating content for can have a meaningful impact on your journey.

So, Before focusing on any Specific Instagram Achievement badge think about the audience group that you want to focus on and the Instagram Badge that they Recognize and Celebrate.

2. Goal-Oriented Achievement Hunting

Once you know your audience, define your goals. Are you aiming to increase brand awareness and attract new followers?

Maybe you want to boost engagement and build a loyal community around your passion.

But how will you reach your Goals without knowing what you really want to achieve? Makes Sense, Right?

Instagram Achievements offer badges that align with various objectives, So, Focusing on badges that can have a positive impact on your goal is necessary.

For Example, badges related to post likes and follower growth can propel visibility for audience expansion.

Likewise, chasing badges for story views and comments can spark conversations and foster community spirit which can increase your credibility and authenticity.

3. Strategic Badge Pursuit

Here comes the exciting part – To craft your achievement-driven plan!

Dive deeper into the specific badges offered by Instagram, Analyze which ones resonate with your audience, and contribute to your goals.

For instance, a travel blogger or a travel influencer aiming to showcase stunning locations might prioritize the “TrendSpotter” badge, awarded for reaching new audiences with their posts by using a trending audio or effect in a reel.

On the other hand, a fitness instructor might target the “Community Builder” badge, earned by consistently interacting with followers’ comments.

So, By understanding your audience, defining your goals, and aligning your strategy with relevant badges, you can transform Instagram Achievements from a fun feature into a powerful tool for success.

Comparison of Instagram Achievements with other Similar Achievements

While you might already know what these badges are, I’ll Help you understand their differences by comparing their various aspects.

Quick Points to Skim:

  • Snap Streaks is a simple feature focused on keeping users engaged daily.
  • Instagram Achievements are a broader system that encourages specific content creation behaviors.
  • YouTube Milestone Badges offer a more established recognition system with potential monetization benefits.

Snap Streaks Vs Instagram Achievements Vs YouTube Play Button/MilestoneBadges

Snap Streaks Vs Instagram Achievements Vs YouTube Play Button/MilestoneBadges
FeatureSnap StreaksInstagram AchievementsYouTube Play Button/ Milestone Badges
PurposeEncourage daily interaction between usersMotivate creators to engage and explore featuresRecognize creators for milestones and audience loyalty
Reward TypeEmoji next to username with increasing number for streak daysBadges based on engagement metrics (likes, comments)Badges based on subscriber count (tiers), loyalty badges
Impact on VisibilityNo direct impact, but a long streak can be a conversation-starterPotential slight algorithm boost (unconfirmed but possible)No direct impact, but badges signal success and credibility
YouTube Play Button/ Milestone BadgesNone – Focuses on social interactionIndirect: Showcase expertise, attract brand dealsDirect: Unlock features like Super Chat, Channel Memberships
RequirementsSend and receive a snap with a friend within 24 hours dailyPublic or professional account, complete specific actions (currently not available for everyone)Public channel, reach or subscriber milestones

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Instagram Achievements guarantee success?

No, Instagram Achievements are just a badge/tool to help you achieve your goals, but overall success requires a well-rounded strategy like high-quality content and audience engagement.

How often do new Instagram Achievements get released?

Instagram hasn’t announced a set schedule for the release of any Instagram Achievement, but new Achievement badges appear periodically.

Do Instagram Achievements expire?

Currently, An already-earned Instagram Achievement/badge does not expire. However, this could change in the future based on its increased usage.

Can I lose an Instagram Achievement badge?

There’s no official information, but it’s possible Instagram might implement a system for losing badges in the future (e.g., for inactivity) but for now, there is no system implemented to make an Instagram achievement expire.

How much do Instagram Achievements impact the algorithm?

Although there’s no confirmed boost from Instagram, Some speculate that achieving badges might give your content a slight visibility edge.

Can I track my progress toward specific achievements?

There’s no built-in progress tracker yet, but you can monitor relevant metrics (likes, comments, etc.) to gauge your progress.

Will Instagram Achievements become more integrated with monetization features in the future?

Possibly Yes! There’s a growing trend of social media platforms using badges or achievements to signal creator value.

This could lead to integrating achievements with features like brand partnerships, Super Chat, etc.

Could specific badges unlock exclusive features or benefits within the app?

Possibly Yes! Platforms like YouTube offer exclusive features based on subscriber milestones.

So, Instagram might also use achievements to unlock access to advanced analytics tools, content scheduling features, or priority customer support for high-achieving creators.

How will Instagram Achievements evolve as the platform and user behavior change?

Difficult to say for sure. However, Instagram has already introduced tiered badges within achievement categories (e.g., the “Storyteller” badge with bronze, silver, and gold levels based on story view count).

So, They might also introduce time-sensitive achievements to encourage specific content creation trends.


After Reading this blog post, you’ll be aware of the fact that Instagram Achievements are more than just virtual trophies.

These Instagram Achievements offer a strategic pathway for creators to boost their credibility, visibility, and engagement.

Also, By understanding your target audience and aligning your goals with relevant badges, you can transform these badges into a powerful tool for achieving your Instagram ambitions.

Remember, to track your progress, adapt your approach, and keep striving to unlock new achievements.

As Instagram continues to develop this feature, the possibilities for creator growth and success are sure to expand! So keep Going!

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