How to Turn off Seen indicator for Voice messages on Instagram

Turn Off “Seen” for Voice Messages on Instagram

by Pon Sunil

Ever received an Instagram voice message you weren’t quite ready to listen to yet?

That dreaded “Seen” notification can be a real head-scratcher, Right? Yeah, I have recently seen people on Reddit Ask how they can read voice messages without being marked as “Seen” on Instagram.

While there’s no official way to disable “Seen” for voice messages, is it really possible? fear not!

We’ve got some clever techniques (use them responsibly!) to help you navigate those voice messages with a touch of privacy.

Can I Read Voice Messages without getting marked as “Seen” on Instagram

Yes, you can read voice messages without getting masked as “seen” on Instagram. However, there are only foolproof ways available and no official feature is provided to read Instagram Voice messages without triggering the “Seen” indicator.

Before we begin, I want to clarify that none of the top 3 methods require any third-party tools. But if you’d prefer a more hands-on/practical approach, check out the method that utilizes the third party that I have given at the bottom.

How to Turn OFF the Read Receipt for Instagram Voice Messages

To turn off Read Receipt or to avoid getting marked as “Seen’ on Instagram there are various methods, However, In this blog post, I’ll explain to you the methods that can be used to read voice messages without triggering Instagram’s “Seen” Indicator.

1. Restrict the User

Basically, This method wholely relies on the Restrict feature that is already available on Instagram for Everyone’s use.

The Restric feature on Instagram, Generally restricts a user and the messages they send will be separated in the message request section.

Restrict a user on Instagram to Turn off "seen" indicator

And if you read any messages from the messages request section, the user on the other end won’t be notified and the best part is the user that you restrict won’t even know that you have restricted them, without you telling them yourself.

So, By reading their messages (Videos, messages, voice messages, etc) after restricting a user, you can avoid getting marked as “seen”.

Also, you can unrestrict them anytime, and even after unrestricting them the message you read won’t receive any “Seen” indicator.

Here’s a guide to help you, If you don’t know how to use the “Restrict” feature on Instagram.

2. Use Airplane Mode or Turn OFF Internet

Turning off your mobile device’s data connection is one of the simplest ways to disable the “seen” indicator. However, once you turn on the data connection, the seen indicator will still notify the user on the other end.

This method’s biggest drawback is that they’ll know you viewed their messages precisely as soon as you turn on the Internet.

So, How to avoid this? you might ask. Here, I’ll demonstrate how to get around this using the next technique.

Use Airplane Mode or Turn OFF Internet  to escape the "Seen" indicator on Instagram

Steps to Turn OFF the Read Receipt on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram application.
  2.  Turn on the “Airplane Mode” or turn off the “Internet connection.”
  3.  Go to the “Direct Messages” Section on your Instagram App.
  4.  Open the chat you want to view without triggering the read receipt.
  5.  Once you’re done, turn on the Internet to trigger the “Seen” indicator.

Note: Turn on Airplane mode once you enter the Instagram app because the messages need to load. This ensures the messages are loaded, and you can view the chat without triggering the seen indicator.

You might ask, Can I Turn OFF the “Seen” Indicator Permanently using this method?

The answer is, No! The Aeroplane mode method does not allow you to disable the “Seen” indicator.

However, you can use the other techniques I’ve listed to permanently disable the seen indicator.

3. Use the Desktop Version of Instagram

While primarily created as a mobile app, Instagram can also be accessed through a web browser on a desktop.

Using the desktop version of Instagram also offers a way to view voice messages without triggering “Seen.”

Here, are some key steps to follow,

  1. Log in to your Instagram account on a laptop or PC or use a desktop site version on your mobile.
  2.  Go to the Direct Messages page.
  3.  Turn OFF the internet connection.
  4.  Tap on the chat that you wish to view.
  5.  Also, Before turning on the Internet, close the tab.

4. Downloading your Stored Data on Instagram

Download Your data and read them to escape the seen indicator on Instagram

Technically Speaking, you can download your Instagram data, which includes voice messages, messages, gifs, and a lot more data.

Although this is an easy method, If you know the steps to download your data from Instagram, There’s a catch!

It is a time-consuming process, So it’s not ideal for quick listening.

So, If you really want to read those voice messages without getting marked as seen and If you’re willing to wait for a few days to hear that voice message, you can take advantage of this method.

Since it’s actually a time-consuming method, Take it with a grain of salt!

5. Use Instander

Instander is a third-party Instagram app that includes numerous anonymity options, such as turning off the read receipt, typing indicator, and browsing stories and livestreams anonymously.

Using these apps you can read voice messages without being marked as “Seen” by Instagram.

Just so you know, there are many apps like Instander, for eg; some similar apps include InstaPro, InstaThunder, etc.

Note: Instander is safe to use. However, using third-party apps is against the terms and conditions of Instagram and we don’t encourage our users to use those applications, this content is provided only for educational purposes.

And, If you don’t know how to hide read receipts on Instagram using Instander, Check this blog post of Ours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if I restrict someone and then listen to their voice message?

If a user sends you a message after you restrict them, their messages will be moved to the message requests section, So they won’t see when you’ve read it.

What are the risks of using third-party apps to disable “Seen”?

The usage of third-party apps violates Instagram’s terms and conditions, and users also have to face issues like apps that might contain malware, or compromise their account security.

How long do I have to turn off the internet after entering the Instagram app in Airplane Mode?

As long as the messages load before activating Airplane Mode, you should be able to view them without triggering “Seen” immediately.

Can I use the desktop version of Instagram on my phone’s browser to avoid “Seen”?

Yes, but following the steps carefully, including closing the tab before reconnecting to the internet, is crucial.

Is there a way to download specific voice messages from Instagram data?

Currently, Instagram’s data download doesn’t allow for selecting individual messages. It’s an all-or-nothing download.


Remember, clear communication is key in any relationship.

But sometimes, a little privacy goes a long way, Right?

With these techniques when used responsibly, you can navigate these voice messages with a touch of grace and ease.

So, fear not my friend! Go, approach your inbox with confidence, knowing that now you have options!

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