Top 5 Tools to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

Top 4 Tools for Anonymous Instagram Live Viewing

by Darjan Micheal

There are many tools to watch Instagram live streams anonymously. I sorted out some of the best tools for anonymously viewing IG Live.

The list order will be from the best option to the least desirable ones. However, I recommend you go through each tool to pick the best one that suits your needs.

Is there a Tool to View Instagram Live Anonymously

It is possible to find third-party tools that enable anonymous viewing of Instagram live streams. However, it is not advisable to use these tools as they can pose a threat to your privacy and security. Some examples of such tools are Stories Hub, Instander, Story Space, and Insta Pro.

Why Use Anonymous Live Viewing Tools(Websites&Apps)

The main reason for using third-party apps or websites to view Instagram Live anonymously is Instagram doesn’t offer any anonymity features. Instagram offers many useful privacy features to safeguard your privacy. But it doesn’t have a single anonymity feature.

Can I View Instagram Live Anonymously without Violating Instagram Policy?

In Instagram’s terms, watching Instagram Live anonymously and using third-party tools are both prohibited. And it goes against Instagram’s policy.

1. Best Chrome Extensions for Watching Instagram Live Anonymously

1. StoriesHub

StoriesHub is a Chrome extension used to watch Instagram livestreams and stories anonymously. 

It is supported on Chrome or Chromium-based browsers like Edge.

It is free to use and can be used to view Instagram stories. When I tested the Live viewing, I noticed a delay compared to viewing on the Instagram app.

How to Use StoriesHub to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

  • Download and Install the StoriesHub Chrome extension.

2. StorySpace 

StorySpace is also a Chrome extension that secretly views Instagram Live and stories.

It is also supported on Chrome or Chromium-based browsers.

Extensions like this will have a Live delay compared to the original Instagram app.

2. Best Apps for Watching Instagram Live Anonymously

1. Instander

Instander is an application that modifies Instagram and offers various anonymity features.

The app is compatible with all Android phones. 

I didn’t notice any live delay when compared to the Instagram app.

2. InstaPro

InstaPro is another application that modifies Instagram and offers many features to be anonymous on Instagram.

This application is compatible with all Android Phones.

There is no delay in watching the live streams, just like when watching live on Instagram.


As, Now you must be aware of the crome extensions and Mobile apps that let’s you watch Instagram Livestream Anonymously, Use these ways with moderation, If handled with construction and respective behavior these features can also pose a positive benefit.

So be aware of the fact that these apps and sites ate available and If you choose to use one of these be respectful while using it.

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