Complete guide about Instagram Achievements

Best Guide About Instagram Achievements

by Pon Sunil

Have you heard about the new feature that Instagram has provided us? “Instagram Achievements

A few days back, when I posted a new post of mine on Instagram, has gave me a badge when I got 50 likes in the name of “Instagram Achievements.”

So I dived in deep to know about this and wrote a blog post about how to see this Instagram Achievements.

However, I thought it would be helpful for my readers to get a complete understanding of what this feature is, and they can take advantage of this feature.

So, I’m writing this blog post; here’s everything that you need to know about this new feature called “Instagram Achievements.”

1. Understanding Instagram Achievements

To increase Instagram’s engagement rate and average time spent on Instagram and to motivate people to be more active on Instagram, Instagram has come up with a new feature called “Instagram Achievement” that encourages people to reach certain milestones

Understanding Instagram Achievements

The Concept of Instagram Achievements

Basically, Instagram achievements are made-up badges that Instagram provides its users if they reach certain milestones. As this can drive people to get more engagements, they’ll likely spend more time on Instagram, which in turn can be a very profitable metric for Instagram.

Benefits of Instagram Achievements

Though Instagram’s achievement is beneficial to Instagram itself, it also serves the purpose of serving its users with some added benefits. Some of those benefits that a user can get are,

  • Increase Credibility
  • Increased Visibility
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Algorithmic benefits
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Progress Tracking

Criteria for Earning Instagram Badges

From the section Instagram Achievements, they have provided different kinds of badges that a user can get by chasing different milestones on posts, stories, reels, etc.

For now, these Instagram Achievements are only introduced to creator accounts.

The earning of these badges can vary depending on the engagement type, number of post likes, number of reels posted, number of story visits, etc.

2. Types of Instagram Achievements

As for now, Instagram has provided 10 types of achievements. Some of these can be obtained by getting milestones like,

  • Followers Count
  • Post likes
  • Story Likes
  • The number of posts that you have posted
  • Story Reach
  • Collaborations done
  • Trendspotting
  • Lifetime Number of Posts
  • Community Building
  • The lifetime number of reels that you have posted
Types of Instagram Achievements

Instagram Creator Badges

Creator Badges on Instagram are a form of recognition for achieving certain milestones or demonstrating expertise within specific areas on the platform.

These badges are Intended to acknowledge and reward creators for their contribution, engagement, and impact within the Instagram community.

These Instagram Creator badges can be categorized as,

  • Engagement Based Badges
  • Post Frequency Badges
  • Expertise Badges
  • Category Specific badges
  • Follower Interaction badges
  • Community builder Badges
  • Followers Milestones
  • Influencer Badges

Instagram Engagement Milestones

On Instagram, engagement milestones represent specific achievements regarding user interaction and engagement.

These milestones are used to indicate the level of audience engagement a user has reached.

Achieving a certain number of these milestones can indicate your growing popularity or resonance with your audience.

These Engagement milestones can be classified as,

  • Milestones on Comments and Likes
  • Milestones on Saved and share contents
  • Milestones on Engagement Rates
  • Milestones on Impressions and Reach

Instagram Growth and Follower Goals

Through the usage of Instagram Achievements, Businesses or Individuals can attract new followers or communities by showcasing their Instagram Badges.

Based on its Rarity and difficulty, these Instagram Achievements can help businesses and Individuals increase follower growth and attain their goals on Instagram.

3. Strategies to Unlock Instagram Achievements

Although by generally using Instagram on a daily basis, you can get a few types of different achievements, if used correctly by planning a content strategy to reach different levels of a single achievement, you can showcase it as a symbol of expertise.

This can further help you in your Instagram reach and can also have a positive effect on your conversion rate.

Strategies to Unlock Instagram Achievements

Optimizing Content for Instagram Achievements

Optimizing your content strategy for Achievements can give you a competitive edge in your niche and can also act as a symbol of higher expertise.

Optimizing your content strategy for Instagram achievements involves tailoring your posts and techniques to meet the criteria set for achieving badges or milestones.

Here are some effective ways to optimize your content strategy for achieving Instagram milestones:

  • Understand your competition in your Niche.
  • Find your badge requirements based on your end goal.
  • Create a Strategic Content Plan.
  • Maintain Consistency and frequency.
  • Maintain high engagement rates
  • Create visually appealing content
  • Create Interactive content and promote responses.
  • Analyse and Iterate based on results

Leveraging Hashtags and Trends to Achieve IG Achievements

Leveraging hashtags and trends is a powerful strategy to boost your chances of achieving Instagram achievements and reaching a broader audience.

To improve your Instagram performance, it can be beneficial to attain certain Instagram Achievements like “Trendspotter” and “Community Builder”.

By identifying trends and creating a curated content strategy, you can quickly achieve these achievements on Instagram.

Additionally, incorporating relevant hashtags into your posts can increase your chances of achieving other Instagram goals and achievements.

Collaborations and Engagement Tactics

Collaboration on Instagram has so many benefits like increased visibility, Increase in brand credibility, and the introduction of new users.

However, New businesses and individuals are less likely to be included in any collaboration because of the lack of acknowledgement from anyone on Instagram.

But now, with the help of these Instagram badges, new businesses can strive to achieve some of these achievements and then showcase them join collaboration with other brands, which in turn gives various positive results.

4. Impact of Achievements on Creator Accounts

Monetization Opportunities Using Instagram Achievements

In spite of the fact that “Instagram Achievements” is just a new feature developed by Instagram to promote its user engagements and average time spent on Instagram. These badges can serve as a signal provider for its visibility algorithm.

Influence on Algorithm and Visibility

Though “Instagram Achievements” is a new feature, Instagram can further improve its importance by utilizing its signals and further feeding them into its algorithm, which in turn can be used to identify what kind of visibility a user/ business is focussing on rather than showing it to users/ individuals how might not be interested in this particular set of content.

Building Brand and Credibility

As a new business creating a brand on Instagram is quite easy, but to increase credibility and brand awareness, it either takes a lot of time or money.

But now, by showcasing your Instagram achievements are badges on your Instagram highlights or post, the users who visit your profile can get a clear understanding of your credibility, which in turn help you create a credible brand awareness among your followers on Instagram.

Monetization Opportunities

Instagram has served as a great platform for many businesses as it can bring many relevant customers to see your profile and content, which can lead to many possible monetization opportunities.

But now, as Instagram rolls out its new feature, this can introduce individuals and businesses to new monetization opportunities.

Some of the monetization opportunities are,

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Sponsored posts and Stories.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Selling your own product or Service
  • Branded contents
  • IGTV and REEls Ads (possible in the future)

5. The Future of Instagram Achievements

Future Of Instagram Achievements?

Instagram is a great platform that has evolved constantly to serve as a great platform for its users by serving engaging content while maintaining their user’s well-being.

By Speculating these constant changes, there is a potential growth for this Instagram achievement which can help Instagram and its users create a harmonic social community.

Potential Evolution of Instagram Badges

Badges on social media platforms like Instagram can signify support from followers and acknowledgement of Instagram.

These Instagram badges can be a driving factor that users and businesses can seek to achieve. Some of the potential evolution of these Instagram Achievement can be,

  • Expanded Features (Special level of support)
  • Customization Options
  • Tiered Badges
  • Community Engagement
  • Monetization Enhancement
  • Enhanced Analytics and Recognition.
  • Cross-Platform Integration

6. Case Studies and Community Responses

Community Responses and Feedback

According to the community response given by “KatM” on Later’s community page, she attempted to earn the “Trendsetter” badge by using trending audio and reels.

However, she did not receive the badge despite her efforts. Later, she posted a new post using audio that was not trending and surprisingly received the “Trendsetter” badge.

While this could have been a random error or due to the feature still being in beta testing, the achievement was still satisfying for her and served as a great tool to increase her satisfaction with Instagram, which, if it serves every user the same way, can increase the satisfactory of every user on Instagram.

Real-Life Examples of Achievement

Real-Life Examples of Instagram Achievement

Instagram has rolled out this new feature only for creator accounts, As I happen to have a creator account, I have tested this new feature myself by posting a picture of mine on Instagram in an attempt to achieve the easiest of these Instagram Achievement which is getting”50 post Likes”.

According to my experience, This achievement is given to me at the instant when I have reached 50 likes. It was seamlessly a fast response.

I actually quite liked it, and it encouraged me to post a few other posts and stories in the following days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What role does consistency play in achieving Instagram milestones, and how can one maintain it effectively?

Since, Consistent content publishing can help achieve Algorithm favorability, brand presence, and audience satisfaction, etc.

Maintaining consistency can help you achieve various Instagram Achievements/milestones like post likes, increased follower count, number of story visits, etc.

2. What are the lesser-known strategies or tactics that have significantly contributed to achieving Instagram Achievements for successful influencers or brands?

There are less-known strategies that can help you achieve Instagram Achievements by making you focus on a smaller community rather than a broader audience in the early stages of your online presence.

Some of the strategies that help get Instagram Achievements are,

  • Micro-Community Engagement
  • Story Telling Through Captions
  • Strategic Tagging and Mentions
  • Strategic use of Instagram Live and Reels
  • Networking and Collaborations

3. How do Instagram’s ever-evolving features, like Reels or Stories, impact the path to achieving Instagram Achievements, and how can one optimize their use?

The usage of Instagram’s features, like reels and stories itself can help you get many Instagram Achievements.

However, If you optimize your Reels and Stories effectively, you can also get the other Instagram Achievement that Instagram offers in the “Instagram Achievement” Section.

Here are some ways to optimize your Instagram Reels and Stories,

  • Consistent Utilization
  • Leverage Interactive Features
  • Utilize Reels Creatively
  • Strategic use of Hashtags and Locations
  • Story Highlights
  • Engage with Audience Responses.

4. Beyond follower count, what qualitative factors contribute most to achieving notable success on Instagram?

Beyond followers count, there are quantitative factors like engagement rates, consistency, number of collaborations done, and number of reel content posted that contribute most to achieving notable success on Instagram.

And now, with the release of a new feature called “Instagram Achievements”, users can showcase it to get notable success on Instagram.

5. How does niche specialization or targeting specific demographics affect the journey toward achieving Instagram milestones compared to broader content approaches?

Though targeting and large group of people and creating helpful content around them is profitable and achievable in the long run, it takes a lot of time and effort to get a competitive advantage.

However, If you focus on a small niche, you can reach that audience sooner and build a community around those users, which can be achievable with less time

Depending on the niche that you choose, it can also be profitable.

6. Are there common pitfalls or mistakes that hinder progress towards Instagram achievements?

Though there are many strategies and techniques that can lead you to your Instagram Success, there are also pitfalls/ mistakes that will lead you to your downfall.

Some of those mistakes are,

  • Inconsistent Posting
  • Overlooking Community Engagement
  • Misusing Hashtags
  • Low-Quality Content
  • Ignoring New Features
  • Ignoring Trends and Relevancy
  • Over-Promotion or Over-Selling
  • Lack of Clear Brand identity
  • Ignoring Feedback or Criticism

7. Conclusion

Just like every feature that Instagram rolled out, this feature, “Instagram Achievements”, can also be a great success if used in the right way.

As a business, if one uses this feature to the full extent and by showcasing it, they can get a decent amount of credibility on what they are providing, which can lead you to their Instagram success.

As a user, this new feature can serve as a satisfactory factor that encourages you to spend more time on Instagram as positively and constructively as possible.

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