Top 10 Injury Lawyers on Instagram

Top 10 Injury Lawyers on Instagram

by Pon Sunil

In this blog post, I have made a list of the Top 10 injury lawyers in the United States and the United Kingdom who have a great online presence and visibility on Instagram.

I have listed these Instagram Pages based on their Transparency and Online Presence on Instagram.

These details are found either on their Instagram page or their websites.

Top 10 Injury Lawyers on Instagram

Injury Lawyer’s IG HandleCityAccessibility Practice Areas SettlementsInstagram Engagements
1. @jefferson_fisherTexas» Phone Call Personal Injuries
Immigration Law
Education Law
Business Litigation
Not Provided Post Count: 321
Follower Count: 4M
2.@miami_injury_lawyerUnited States
» Phone Call
» Text
Car Accidents
Mass Torts
Wrongful Death
Personal Injuries
$750 million/-till DEC 2023. Post Count: 1223
Follower Count: 51.7K
3. @_ellisinjurylaw Anaheim, CA
Bakersfield, CA
Diamond Bar, CA
El Segundo, CA
Irvine, CA
Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Oakland, CA
Ontario, CA
Elevator Ac
Oxnard, CA
Riverside, CA
San Bernardino, CA
» Phone Call
» Text
Amputation Injury
Back Injury
Auto Accidents
Birth Injury
Burn Injury
Bone Fracture
Brain Injury
Construction Accident
Distracted Driver
Dog Bite
Herniated Disc Injury
Elevator Accident
Lyft Accident
Personal Injury
Premises Liability
Slip & Fall Accident
Spinal Cord Injury
Pedestrian Accident
Product Liability
Whiplash Injury
Wrongful Death
$2,900,000/’ for Car Accidents Post Count: 507
Follower Count: 4811
4. @BrownRudnickLLPBoston
New York
Washington, D.C
» Phone Call Personal Injuries
High-Stakes Litigation
Business Transactions
Auto Accidents
Not Provided Post Count: 375
Follower Count: 15.7K
5. @khalil_lawgroupLos Angeles» Phone Call
» Text
Bicycle Accidents
Car Accidents
Catastrophic Injury
Dog Bites
Motorcycle Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Personal Injury
Premises Liability
Truck Accidents
Workers’ Comp
Wrongful Death
$100,000/-till 2023 Dec, for Car Accidents Post Count: 631
Follower Count: 2393
6. @eeplawNew York» Phone Call
» Text
Auto Accidents
Construction Accidents
Personal Injuries
>=$9,250,000/- Post Count: 721
Follower Count: 3783
7. @injury_lawyerCalifornia» Phone Call
» Text
Auto Accidents
Wrongful Death
Brain Injury
Dog Bites
Lyft Accidents
Product Liability
$357,500/-till 2023 Dec, for Car Accidents in SF Post Count: 129
Follower Count: 1428
8. @lawyergordiPhoenix, AZ» Phone Call Personal Injuries
Car Accidents
Dog Bites
Motorcycle Accidents
Trucking Accidents
Wrongful Death
Not Provided Post Count: 880
Follower Count: 5264
9. @goldberginjurylawLas Vegas» Phone Call
» Text
Auto Accidents
Rideshare Accidents
Pedestrian Accident
Slip and Fall
Hotel and Casino Injuries
Workplace Injuries
Wrongful Death
Defective Products
Medical Malpractice
Dog Bites
$2,000,000/- till 2023 Dec Post Count: 160
Follower Count: 1672
10. @attorneyboothPennsylvania» Phone Call Personal Injuries
Catastrophic Accidents
Not Provided Post Count: 100
Follower Count: 8890
Top 10 Injury Lawyers on Instagram

Profile Reviews of the Top 10 Injury Lawyers on Instagram

1. @jefferson_fisher Profile Review

Jefferson W. Fisher is the Managing Partner/CEO of the Law firm called, “Fisher Firm“, He founded the Fisher firm to be a transparent and cutting-edge law firm.

Injury Lawyer @jefferson_fisher IG Profile Review

On Instagram, He has more than 4M followers, He mostly shares informative content related to law in the form of Reels.

He has a great follower count and Engagement rate on Instagram, but there are no testimonials and success stories about his successful claims/settlements are not mentioned either on his IG page or Website.

2. @miami_injury_lawyer IG Profile Review

Injury Lawyer: @miami_injury_lawyer IG Profile Review

The @miami_injury_lawyer account features a lawyer named Mr. Joel Rafaeli. On his Instagram page, he shares client testimonials, Settlements, and also informative and engaging content to keep his audience well engaged.

In his Instagram profile, He mentioned his website, Content details, and the total amount of settlements that he has won for his clients.

Also, In his bio, he mentioned that he works Nationwide for the United States!

3. @_ellisinjurylaw Instagram Profile Review

The @_ellisinjurylaw page on Instagram features the Ellis Law corporations and their respective attorneys.

Injury Lawyer: @_ellisinjurylaw IG Profile Review

On their Instagram page they share their client testimonials, Photos of their Firm, and how it works.

They have shared about the case studies, testimonials, practice areas, and attorneys in their Story Highlights.

While their Instagram profile gives a glimpse of understanding of what they do and how well they do it, their website has the complete collection of every Information that you might need to believe in their abilities.

4. @BrownRudnickLLP Instagram Profile Review

Injury Lawyer: @BrownRudnickLLP IG Profile Review

The @BrownRudnickLLP represents the law firm called BrownRudnick.

They drive to serve people around the world in high-stakes litigation and business transactions.

On this Instagram page, they share their photos from the firm and also some informative content to keep their audience engaged.

5. @khalil_lawgroup Instagram Profile Review

Injury Lawyer: @khalil_lawgroup IG Profile Review

The @khalil_lawgroup represents the Khalil Law Group and their Premier Injury Lawyers.

Their Instagram Page showcases the client testimonials, filing cases, Reports, and their achievements.

While their Instagram page showcases these details, their website shows the complete picture of what they are capable of.


This blog post has a collection of data about the Top 10 injury lawyers who have great visibility on Instagram.

Combined with the Table that I have prepared about the Top 10 injury lawyers I have reviewed their Instagram Profiles for your easy understanding and access.

I hope you found these details useful and if you further want any help or information, feel free to contact us.

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