Top 5 Luxury Real Estate Companies to follow on Instagram

Top 5 Luxury Real Estate Companies to follow on Instagram

by Pon Sunil

Hey there, fellow Real Estate Enthusiasts!

Are you looking to buy a new house? or are you trying to follow great people in your Industry to get great market Insights?

To make your work simpler I have searched for the top real estate agencies that have a great Instagram presence and ranked them based on their IG follower count.

1. @chadcarroll IG account Review

@chadcarroll IG Profile Review

1. Profile Overview

  • Username: @chadcarroll
  • Location: Florida
  • Followers: Approx: 491K
  • Post Count: 2751
  • Facebook Page: ChadCarrollOfficial

2. Content Mix & Engagement

The content mix of @chadcarroll on Instagram includes the following,

  • Property Showcases
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Personal Branding

When it comes to the engagement part of @chadcarroll, Engagement tells a different story than numbers!

Chad doesn’t just boast impressive stats; he fosters a community! 

He remembers names, replies to comments, and makes you feel like part of something special. 

His branded hashtags #TheCarrollGroup aren’t just marketing ploys, they’re invitations to connect, to explore, to be part of something bigger.

3. Overall Impression

Forget stock photos – Chad’s Instagram whisks you away on a tour of architectural gems, each bathed in the warm glow of Miami’s sunshine.

Imagine sprawling waterfront estates, penthouses with cityscapes that kiss the clouds, and interiors so chic they deserve their own magazine spread.

It’s not just luxury you see, it’s a lifestyle – one that whispers possibility and “happily ever after.”

So, whether you’re looking for your dream home or simply seeking inspiration, hit that follow button and prepare to be swept away by the Carroll magic.

2. @wsjrealestate IG profile Review

@wsjrealestate IG Profile Review

1. Profile Overview

  • Username: @wsjrealestate
  • Location: Not Specified
  • Followers: Approximately 284K
  • Post Count: 3112

2. Content Mix

The content mix on @wsjrealestate includes,

  • Market Insights
  • Property Highlights
  • Interior Views
  • Exterior Views
  • Lifestyle Shots

3. Overall Impression

Forget diamond rings and sprawling mansions, @wsjrealestate on Instagram is where real estate nerds get their fix

This account isn’t your typical luxury realtor boasting, it’s a treasure trove of insights for those who see property as more than just bricks and mortar.

With every post, you get the impression that you are being mentored by a seasoned Wall Street investor. 

What about the content, you ask? Imagine market trends hotter than a summer sidewalk, investment strategies sharper than a diamond cutter, and industry analysis that could put Sherlock Holmes to shame.

Decided to give her a visit? Great! you can visit both their website and Instagram page from here.

3. @luisiglesiasrealestate IG account Review

@luisiglesiasrealestate IG Profile Review

1. Profile Overview

  • Username: @luisiglesiasrealestate
  • Location: Texas
  • Followers: Approximately 56.6 K
  • Post Count: 519

Gazing through the Instagram account of @luisiglesiasrealestate is similar to leafing through a magazine featuring opulent Miami living.

Every post is a carefully planned invitation to a life of sun-kissed pools, amazing architecture, and interiors that scream “sophistication.”

2. Content Mix & Engagement

The Content mix of @luisiglesiasrealestate includes the following,

  • Interior Views
  • Exterior Views
  • Property Details
  • Success Stories

As for the Engagement part, Luis’s posts receive substantial engagement, with an average of over 3,000 likes per post. The comments section often includes inquiries and compliments.

Additionally, His responsiveness to comments and direct messages shows genuine interest in connecting with potential clients.

3. Overall Impression

In a world of endless scrolling, Luis’s Instagram cuts through the noise.

His commitment to high-quality visuals, informative content, and genuine engagement makes him a beacon for aspiring real estate professionals.

I’d say that he’s not just selling properties; he’s selling dreams, and he does it with passion and finesse.

So, whether you’re a potential buyer, a design aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful things, @luisiglesiasrealestate’s Instagram is a must-follow.

It’s more than just an account; it’s an experience and one that will leave you feeling inspired.

Also, give a visit to his website to check the properties to buy in Texas.

4. @barrycohenhomes IG profile Review

@barrycohenhomes IG Profile Review

1. Profile Overview

  • Username: @barrycohenhomes
  • Location: Toronto
  • Followers: Approximately 40K
  • Post Count: 1863

2. Content Mix

The Content Mix of @barrycohenhomes includes,

  • Luxury Homes
  • Interior Details
  • Lifestyle Shorts

3. Overall Impression

Forget those dry statistics and impersonal analysis; let’s step into the world of luxury living curated by @barrycohenhomes.

But it’s not just about the visuals (although, let’s be honest, those are swoon-worthy).

Barry brings a personal touch to his captions, fostering a sense of community among his followers.

He’s more than just a realtor; he’s a trusted advisor, someone who understands your aspirations and can guide you toward your dream home.

Whether you’re a fellow industry professional seeking inspiration or a potential buyer with a spark of wanderlust for the finer things, following Barry Cohen is like opening a door to a world of possibilities.

So Don’t forget to follow his Instagram page and website!

5. @gingermartinluxre IG Account Review

@gingermartinluxre IG Profile Review

1. Profile Overview

  • Username: @gingermartinluxre
  • Location: Nappa Valley+Sonoma Valley
  • Followers: Approx: 9.2K
  • Post Count: 716

Ginger Mrtin’s Dreamy Instagram Page showcases multi-million dollar estates and waterfront masterpieces, but Ginger goes beyond the expected.

She takes you on a journey, whispering tales of tranquility in hidden balconies overlooking private vineyards or the soft caress of the ocean breeze on your face as you watch the sunset from your own slice of paradise.

It’s not just about the property; it’s about the life you could have there.

2. Content Mix

On Instagram, The content mix on Giger Martin’s page includes,

  • Luxury Homes
  • Interior Details
  • Lifestyle Shots

3. Overall Impression

Whether you’re a fellow realtor seeking inspiration or someone dreaming of your next big move, following Ginger Martin is an experience.

It’s a window into a world where luxury isn’t just about price tags; it’s about emotions, connections, and living your best life.

So, take a step inside, and let Ginger show you what true luxury living can be!

Also, here is the Link to her Real Estate website that showcases their Service.


Here I have Searched for the top 5 Real Estate Agencies All over the world who have an Instagram Presence.

Since I have made your search easier, Now you can follow these amazing real estate agencies whether you are a real estate enthusiast or trying to buy a house.

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