How do you watch Reels posted by people nearby?

Watch reels posted by people nearby by Location

by Pon Sunil

Yesterday, while I was using my business account @dptechon, I felt bored, so I went to scroll through some reels.

Fatefully, A new feature got my attention; When I clicked on it, It let me see the reels posted by the people near my location.

In my case, it suggested reels posted by people from my nearby cities like Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli.

Here’s what I found about this feature and how you, too, can access it to get targeted reels only from the people who are located near your current location.

Can I watch Reels posted by people nearby?

Yes, If you have a business or a creator account, by clicking the icon “Nearby” from the Reels section, you can watch the reels posted by the people near your location.

How to watch Reels posted by people nearby?

By using the new targeting feature provided by Instagram only for creator and business accounts.

After trying out this new feature, I found that it shows content from the people near your locality.

However, it also suggests reels from the users from your state.

As far as my experience while using this new feature, “Nearby Reels,” for hours, It didn’t recommend any reels from other states or countries.

Here are the steps to access this feature “Nearby Reels” on Instagram,

  • Make sure you have a creator or business account.
  • Log in to your Instagram Account.
  • Go to your Reels section by clicking the “Reel” icon from the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the “ν” down-arrow icon from the top-left corner of that page.
  • Choose “Nearby” from the given menu.
  • Now, you’ll be seeing the reel posted by people near your location.
Steps to watch Reels posted by people nearby?

How can I use location-based features to enhance my Reel experience?

If you are a person who prefers personalized content or wishes to see reels from people near your locality, the “Nearby” Reels feature can provide a more tailored experience.

What are the benefits of watching Reels from nearby creators?

By watching reels or other content made by the creators in your locality, you can have certain benefits. Some of those benefits are,

  • Discover Local Trends and Creators
  • Enhancing your Reel Experience with Relevance.
  • Connecting with your community.
  • Stay informed and engaged with local events
  • Uncovering Hidden Gems and Unfamiliar Places.
  • Building Connections with Local Creators.
  • Supporting Local Talents and Businesses.
benefits of watching Reels from nearby creators

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some tips for creating engaging Reels that attract local audiences?

If you want to make Reels that are interesting to connect with your local audience, consider implementing these effective strategies:

  • Showcase local audiences and businesses.
  • Capture Authentic moments and Events
  • Include Local Trends and Challenges.
  • Collaborate with other Local creators.
  • Feature local talents and personalities
  • Use local language and dialect
  • Promote Local Causes and Initiatives.

How can I use Reels to connect with my local community?

If you create reels about your local events, businesses, and challenges and incorporate the usage of location tags and hashtags, you can have a chance to connect with the people from your local community.

How does Instagram use my location data to curate Reels for me?

Instagram uses your location data to curate your reel section. Your location data helps Instagram suggest content posted by local businesses and creators.

How can social media platforms use location-based Reels to promote local businesses and organizations?

By analyzing the location data of Instagram businesses and general users, Instagram can connect its users with the Reels content that is created by their respective local businesses and organizations.


After using this feature, I found out that Instagram didn’t make it available for the use of the general audience.

For now, You should have a creator or business account on Instagram to use this feature.

However, It can be very useful for businesses on Instagram to make this new feature available to its general audience.

So, If you are people who have a business online, “Make hay while the Sun Shines” with the help of this new feature.

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