Why Can’t I have my Own Broadcast Channel on Instagram

Why Can’t I Create a Broadcast Channel on Instagram

by Pon Sunil

Have you ever tried to create a broadcast channel on Instagram?

If yes, you might have come to realise that you couldn’t find that feature anywhere on your Instagram Settings.

Though there are many reasons for this problem, the Primary reason for this is that Instagram restricted this feature from being accessed by every user, and they made it available only for certain users (Influential users).

So, here we addressed why you might be restricted from accessing this Instagram feature and how to lift that restriction that might be limiting you from accessing this broadcast feature.

1. Only available for Public Account

Social channels/ broadcast channels are meant to be safer and secluded places for any specific community to foster communication and share their posts and stories.

As this feature is only made to be used by influential individuals and businesses, Instagram made this feature available only for the use of Influencers who have a Public Profile.

So, if you have a private account, try changing it to a public account to have a chance of creating a broadcast channel.

Go to Instagram Settings

Steps to Transition to a Public Account for BroadcastChannel Use

  • Open your Instagram Application
  • Click on your Profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the Hamburger Icon.
  • Click on “Settings” and Select “Account Privacy” from the dropdown menu.
  • Now, Click on the given icon to turn your IG account into a public account.
Change your Instagram account into a public Account to get access to create a broadcast channel

2. Only Available for Creator Account

Are you an Influential individual? And you have a public profile but didn’t get the broadcast feature?

This might be because of the reason that you have not converted your account into a creator account.

As Instagram intended this “Broadcast” feature to be used by Influential individuals, they encouraged the usage of this feature by creators.

So, this broadcast feature is only available for Influential individuals who have a creator account.

Try turning your pre-existing account into a Creator account to have a chance to use the “Broadcast channel” feature.

Steps to Transition to a Creator Account for Broadcast Channel Use

  • Open your Instagram Application
  • Click on your Profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the Hamburger Icon.
  • Click on “Settings” and Select “Account” from the dropdown menu.
  • Now, Choose “Switch to Creator Account” to transition your account.
Change your Instagram account into a Creator Account to get access to create a broadcast channel

3. Only for Specific users (Especially influential people)

Even if you have an Instagram account that has both public and creator features turned on, you might still not be eligible for Instagram to provide you with the Broadcast channel feature.

This can simply because that you’re not Influential enough for Instagram to consider you as an Influential person who is eligible for the usage of a broadcast channel.

Building Influence to Gain Access to Broadcasting Features

There are many tips to increase your Influence on Instagram. However, to gain access to broadcasting channels, the best tactic is to create reel content that could potentially reach many Instagram users.

Creating Reels increases your chances of getting access to the broadcast channel because there are already individuals who have access to broadcast channels even with less than 20k followers.

4. Regional Restrictions

Regional Restrictions on Instagram

You might not come around this fact, but Instagram doesn’t make each one of its features available to every country.

Considering this fact, The reason for your inaccessibility to create a broadcast channel might be because of the fact that Instagram did not make it available in your country.

Overcoming Regional Restrictions

To overcome this restriction, you can either use VPN services or you can use the help of someone who is in another country to create a new Instagram account or a broadcast account if the feature was enabled.

5. Instagram Policy Compliance

Are you still unable to access the broadcast feature even though you are Influential enough? This might happen if you don’t have complete compliance with Instagram’s Policies.

You can verify your compliance with Instagram’s Policies by Accessing your “Account activity” from the “Settings” menu.

How to check Instagram Policy Compliance

Ensuring Adherence and Avoiding Policy Violations

  • Open your Instagram Application.
  • Click on your Profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Now, Click on the Hamburger Icon.
  • Click on “Settings.

6. Low Followers Count

Your inability to create broadcast/social channels on Instagram might be a reason for your low follower count.

So, if you want to have a chance to get access to create your own broadcast/social channel, try to Increase your followers to at least 10k followers.

If you want to make your journey of increasing your number of followers, try using the feature called “Instagram Achievements.”

Low followers count on Instagram can restrict "Create Broadcast Channel" feature

Techniques to Increase Followers for Broadcasting Privileges

To increase your chances of getting access to social channels, try using the below-given ways to increase your followers.

  • Leveraging Engaging Content
  • Engaging with community
  • Using Hashtag Strategically
  • Consistent Posting and Scheduling.
  • Collaboration and Partnering

7. Number of reel Content

You might be unable to use the broadcast feature even if you are an Influential person on Instagram with a lot of followers.

This might happen because of the reason that you have less or no reel content on your Instagram Account.

Leveraging Reels for Enhanced Broadcasting Opportunities

Leveraging the benefits of reels can get you a chance to create your own broadcast channel faster than the time it takes for other methods.

8. Lower App Versions

Though this might seem a less important factor, Having a lower app version of Instagram installed on your device can also lead to the inability to access new features such as Broadcast/ social channels.

Lower App versions of Instagram can restrict "Create Broadcast Channel" feature

Updating the Instagram App for Broadcasting Access

To overcome every possible limitation that might be keeping you down from using the Instagram Social Channel feature, consider using the latest version of Instagram.

Having auto-update enabled on your app store can help you automate this process.

You can also register for Instagram’s beta program to get new features available as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Why Broadcast Channels Might Be Restricted on Instagram

Since Instagram broadcast/ social channels are a feature that is available only to specific individuals (influential individuals), there are many factors that can restrict you from using this feature. Some of those Restrictions are,

  • Platforms Policies and Security Measures
  • Account type and Permissions
  • Technical and Regional constraints
  • Content and Engagement Factors
  • Algorithmic Factors

2. How do I create a Broadcast Channel on Instagram for business accounts?

  • Open your Instagram Account and go to the “DM” Direct Message section.
  • Now, Click on the 📝 “Pencil” icon from the top right corner of that page.
  • Click on the Create Broadcast channel to create your own social channel on Instagram

3. What are the restrictions for creating Broadcast Channels on private Instagram profiles?

As the broadcast channels are intended only to be used by Individuals who are influential, having a broadcast account created by an individual who has a public account can have great transparency and credibility, Instagram restricted creators who have a private from creating a broadcast/ social channel.

4. Why do some users have the option to create a Broadcast Channel while others don’t on Instagram?

On the help centre page of Instagram, they mentioned that these Instagram broadcast channels are intended to be used by individuals who have an influential community.

So, they have restricted this feature from the general public and made it only visible for only creators who have a great amount of followers are engagement rates.

5. Can using third-party apps help in creating Broadcast Channels on Instagram?

As for now, there is no third-party app or website that can give you access you create your own broadcast channel on Instagram. Since this is an exclusive feature that is not available to the general public, no third-party apps can give you access to this as they wouldn’t be able to replicate it.

6. Does Instagram have specific guidelines or criteria for allowing users to create Broadcast Channels?

Yes, Though Instagram doesn’t give any specific guidelines or criteria for allowing users to create broadcast channels, they have said that they only allow selected individuals who are likely to have a great Instagram community and have influence over them.

This, in turn, shows that Instagram expects a certain level of follower count, content engagement rate, and a creator account that should have a public profile to get access to create your own Instagram broadcast channel.

7. What role does the number of followers play in accessing the Broadcast Channel feature on Instagram?

Though Instagram doesn’t say anywhere that its users must have a certain follower count to get access to create a broadcast account, Only Individuals who have more than 10k followers currently have a broadcast channel.

This indicates that there might be a minimum requirement for the number of followers that you have

8. Are there geographical limitations affecting the creation of Broadcast Channels on Instagram?

Considering the fact that each and every Instagram might not be available in some countries, There might be a chance that Instagram restricted Individuals from certain countries from accessing this Instagram “Broadcast channel” Feature.

9. How can Instagram users request access to the Broadcast Channel feature if it’s restricted to their account?

Suppose you are an individual who is an Influential person and comply with every limitation, by reporting this problem with relevant data that you’re an Influential person.

In that case, Instagram might lift your restrictions and let you create your own Broadcast/ Social channel.

10. Do Instagram’s policies and updates affect the availability of the Broadcast Channel feature?

Yes, Users should use the newer version of Instagram and should comply with every Instagram policy to be eligible to get access to the “Instagram Broadcast ” Feature.

If the user has any policy violation, they can be restricted from creating their own broadcast channel on Instagram.

11. Are there specific types of content or posts that increase the chances of gaining access to Broadcast Channels on Instagram?

Yes, Individuals who focus on reel content have gained access to create their own broadcast channel even though they have less follower count.

As reel content has high visibility and engagement rates, these factors can help Instagram consider you as an Influential person who is eligible to access the “Create Broadcast Channel” Feature.

12. What strategies can small businesses employ to gain the ability to create Broadcast Channels on Instagram?

To gain the ability to create broadcast channels on Instagram, Small businesses can rely on a content strategy that primarily consists of reel content, as this can increase their visibility and engagement rates.

They can also rely on collaboration with other businesses to increase their audience count and engagement rates.

13. Is there a correlation between the frequency of posting content and the eligibility to use Broadcast Channels on Instagram?

In many social media sites like Instagram, Content Frequency is considered as an algorithmic factor that allows individuals greater visibility.

As this Increase in visibility can lead you to increased follower count and engagement rates, they can serve as a factor that helps you get eligible for usage of the “Create Broadcast Channel” Feature.

14. Can collaborations or partnerships with other Instagram accounts influence access to Broadcast Channels?

Yes, Suppose the collaboration or Partnership that you have planned to have can have a positive effect on your follower count and engagement rate.

In that case, they can serve as a factor for Instagram to consider you as an eligible person to have your own Broadcast/social channel on Instagram.


In this blog post, we have discussed the factors and limitations that might have held you back from having your own Instagram broadcast channel.

Now, you can have a clear understanding of why you might be considered ineligible to have your own broadcast channel on Instagram.

However, we have also the answers to how to remove those limitations. So, Consider those ways to create your own Broadcast channel on Instagram and have a great Instagram Success

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