How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

You might have questions like can I see others’ Instagram stories? Is there a way to view the stories of a private account? Is there an app that lets you view Instagram stories anonymously?

In this blog post, I will teach you how to view Instagram stories anonymously. And I will clear any doubts you might have about anonymously viewing others’ Instagram stories.

Now, there are many ways to view others’ Instagram stories anonymously. I have provided some of the best and most effective ways to view Instagram stories anonymously. I have organized it in order of preference, starting with the best option and ending with the worst.

What are Instagram Stories

An Instagram story is content you can share on your Instagram profile which will be available to your followers or others. A story can be viewed within 24 hours after posting it. And the content can be videos, photos, reels, etc.

If you want to know about Instagram stories, read this blog post about Instagram Stories: What They Are and How to Make One Like a Pro by Sophia Bernazzani. She answered many questions about Instagram stories I hope you’ll like it.

What is the Purpose of Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously

Typically, when viewing someone’s Instagram stories, the owner will be informed about the viewers. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, you can choose to view their stories anonymously.

What happens if someone views your Instagram story anonymously? If someone views your Instagram stories secretly you won’t be able to find if someone viewed your story or not.

For example, imagine you have a crush on a girl who posts her daily activities on Instagram stories. Now, if you see her stories, she will notice that you have watched her stories. So, you need to view her stories anonymously if you don’t want to get caught.

Is it possible to watch Instagram Stories without the user knowing?

Yes, there are many ways to view others’ Instagram stories anonymously. By using the ways, I provided you can easily view other’s Instagram stories anonymously without them knowing.

Can Instagram Users Find Anonymous Story Viewers, and How to Protect Privacy?

No, but there are many methods you can follow to keep your privacy safe. If you want to be safe from these kinds of activities, then read our post about the 20 Best Instagram Privacy Settings to Keep You Safe this post has everything you need to follow to be secure.

Can Instagram Users Find Anonymous Story Viewers

1. Use an Instagram Modification App

By using an Instagram modification app like Instander to view someone’s Instagram stories. Instander lets you view others’ Instagram stories secretly.


You can log in with your Instagram account and turn on the feature for anonymously viewing Instagram stories. Now, you can view others’ content without them knowing. This method is best if you want to view the stories of the people you follow.

But if you didn’t follow their account and they have a private account you can’t view their stories. So, consider the next way I am going to provide.

If you want to be anonymous on Instagram, you can read our post about 12+Easy Ways to be Anonymous on Instagram to hide your online presence.

Are Instagram Modification Apps Safe

Although not all Instagram modification apps can be considered safe, there are a few exceptions like Instander, which I have been using for years. These apps aim to address data privacy and security concerns that Instagram may not provide.

2. Create a Private Account and Use an Instagram Modification App

If the person had a private account that you can’t follow directly. Then you can create a new private Instagram account that looks original. Only use this method to view stories of people you know and don’t misuse it.

Make your Instagram account privatte

Now read the following instructions carefully to get the most out of this approach.

First, you must create a new Instagram account. Ensure that the individuals you plan on following do not become suspicious of you.

Next, you are going to make this account look like an original one. So, you need to name it naturally and post some photos on that account. You can go to platforms like Pinterest to download images of people.

Make sure you don’t download high-quality photos. This can make them feel suspicious.

Now the last step is to get some followers. Don’t follow everyone or every account Instagram suggests for getting followers.

Try to follow the followers of the person you are going to follow so that they won’t suspect you as you’re a follower of their friend too.

Now you can use this account in the modification apps like Instander to view their stories anonymously. This method works for 99 percent of people who want to view others’ stories secretly. But if you’re not ok with this method then feel free to use other methods that I’m going to provide.

3. Use a Third-Party Website to View Instagram Stories

If you’re going to view a public account’s story you don’t need to use those two complex ways. You just need their username to view their Instagram stories anonymously.

Use a third party site for viewing Instagram stories

Use a website like IGANONY.IO to view Instagram stories. First, get the username of the user you need to view. Then just search anonymous story viewer in your browser.

Visit any top websites and enter their username to view their current Instagram stories. They will not know that you viewed their story. You can also download their stories on these kinds of sites.

4. Use your Friend’s Account on an Instagram Modification App

In case they had a private account, and you don’t want to create a fake account. You can use your friends’ Instagram account on a modification app.

Use friends Instagram account on Instander

If your friend is already a follower of that user, you can use his/her Instagram account with Instander to view their stories anonymously.

This method can be used if you don’t follow that person, but your friend follows them.

Can I use Airplane Mode Anonymously Viewing Instagram Stories?

Yes, you can use the airplane mode method to view others’ Instagram stories anonymously. But make sure you follow the steps I provided. It is the simplest method for viewing Instagram stories anonymously.

5. Use Airplane Mode

If it was a public account, the effortless way is to go to their profile. It will load their Instagram story automatically. Then you can just turn on airplane mode and view their Instagram story.

Before exiting the app, refrain from enabling the mobile data connection while employing this method. If you activate the data while being inside the Instagram app after viewing someone’s story, it may trigger a notification for the user indicating that you have seen their story.

6. Use an Instagram Story Downloading App

You can use a story-downloading app for viewing their stories but the catch here is you need the link to their Instagram story. You can ask your friend to get you the link you want.

Then you can paste the link on the app to download their Instagram stories secretly without them knowing.

For downloading the app just search for the story downloading apps on the Play Store.

7. Use a Friend’s Instagram Account

Yes, it is obvious, but you can always ask for help from a trustworthy friend. You can use their Instagram account to view their Instagram stories.

Use a friends Instagram accounr

In this method, the user will notice that your friend viewed their Instagram story. So, make sure you don’t use a friend’s account which was known by the user.

Now, you know how to view Instagram stories anonymously but there are other things that can hide your online presence. So, learn how to Turn Off the Typing Indicator on Instagram by reading this blog post.


The ways I provided to view Instagram stories anonymously are useful to hide your online presence. But never try to misuse any of these methods. And as I said I have arranged every way from best to worst. It was my opinion so you can feel free to use the any way you like the most.

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