Turn Off the Typing Indicator on Instagram

Does Instagram have the option to turn off the typing Indicator on Instagram? No, Instagram doesn’t offer us the feature to turn on/off the typing indicator on Instagram. But there are ways to turn off your typing indicator on Instagram.

Now, picture this: my friend Rohan wanted to hide his typing status on Instagram. So, he asked me who he considers a geek. Then I searched for ways to conceal my typing indicator on Instagram. However, despite my exhaustive search, I didn’t find anything useful, so I spent considerable time researching and engaging in experimentation to find a viable solution.

Now I know some ways to hide the typing status on Instagram how you may ask? you know that’s why I’m a geek. In the list, there are some simple methods to hide the typing indicator but if need a more effective way don’t forget to check out each way.

What is a Typing Indicator on Instagram

Instagram has indicators like typing, message seen, date and time, etc. The typing indicator shows “typing” if the user you are chatting to is typing a chat message for you. This indicator is one of the most simple and useful ones.

Instagram Typing Indicator

You can make yourself anonymous by disabling your typing indicator, but you can’t be anonymous everywhere. If you wish to be anonymous on Instagram read our post about how to convert your Instagram account to an anonymous account this post will guide you to hide your online presence from others.

Does Instagram have a Feature to Turn ON/OFF the Typing Indicator?

No, Instagram doesn’t have the option to turn on or off the typing indicator. By default, it will be turned on and it can’t be turned off. But there are some ways to hide your typing indicator only some users know it. Don’t worry as you’re here you’re one of them now.

Why Should I Hide My Typing Indicator on Instagram

Even with the activity status disabled on Instagram, a typing indicator persists, revealing to others that you are typing a message for them. So, you need to turn off the typing indicator to maintain a sense of privacy and remain concealed from others on Instagram, you can consider using the ways I provide to ensure that your activity status and typing indicator are disabled.

Considering my situation, my friend Rohan, turned off his activity status to hide his presence from his girlfriend but when he typed a message, she found out that he was online. So, he asked me to conceal his typing indicator on Instagram.

Is there a way to Disable the Typing Indicator in Instagram DMs?

Yes, there are multiple methods available to disable the typing indicator in your Instagram direct messages. Although Instagram doesn’t give us the option to disable the typing indicator, I’ll teach you some ways you can use it to disable the typing indicator on Instagram.

If you have more doubts about understanding the typing indicator read this post What Does Typing Mean On Instagram? by Maria.

I have arranged the methods from what I believe is the best to the worst. But feel free to check each one because you might have a different opinion.

1. Use an Instagram Modification App

You can use an Instagram modification app like Instander to turn off the typing status on Instagram. Not only that but there are also other privacy features that these kinds of apps offer.


Features like anonymously viewing Instagram stories and live streams, marking messages as unread, and turning off the typing indicator, etc.

After installing the Instander app in your mobile login to your Instagram account. Then go to Instander settings there you can find the Ghost Mode option click on it and turn off the typing indicator.

My friend uses Instander as it offers way more features that we couldn’t think of, so I recommend you use Instander if you need to be anonymous on Instagram.

Turn of the typing indicator on Instagram

If you want to be anonymous without using Instander check out our post 12+Easy Ways to be Anonymous on Instagram you can discover many ways to be anonymous on Instagram.

2. Replying to the Notifications

When you receive a message if you’re not inside the Instagram app you will receive a message notification.

Replying to the Notifications

If you reply to the notification, there won’t be a typing indicator while typing the message. The only drawback of this method is the message they sent won’t be marked as seen.

Even if you can hide the typing status this method cannot be used all the time.

3. Use the Notes App to Type the Message

I know this way is so simple, but the receiver can’t know that you’re typing, and they won’t feel awkward as you don’t go offline while doing this thing.

You need to type the message in your notepad then you need to copy and paste the text message on the Instagram chat bar.

Use Notes App to disable typing indicator on Instagram

Even if this way gets your job done there is a more effective way. If you’re satisfied with this way you can feel free to use this or you can use the following way I provided.

4. Turn OFF the Network Connection or Turn ON Airplane Mode

To hide the typing status when you type a direct message you can just switch off your mobile data. You can also use airplane mode for this but yes technically both are the same.

Turn Off the Internet Connection or Turn On Airplane Mode

Before you start typing you need to turn off your connection then you can type something on the chat bar. After typing the message, you can click on the send button and then turn on the data connection.

As you know while turning off the mobile data, the receiver may notice you’re offline. And if you do this frequently then the receiver will know that you’re doing something suspicious.

Can I Hide the Typing Indicator on Instagram without Turning OFF My Active Status?

Yes, several ways exist to disable the typing indicator on Instagram without turning off your active status. And for your information, the typing indicator will be working even if you turn off your active status.

Is the typing Indicator Available for Both Instagram Direct Messages and Comments?

No, Instagram has a typing indicator for your Instagram direct messages, but it doesn’t have a typing indicator for the comments. We can’t see if someone is typing a comment on an Instagram post.

Will the Typing Indicator Appear while Replying to Instagram Stories

No, the typing indicator will not appear while replying to Instagram stories. The typing indicator is only available for Instagram direct messages.

Will the Typing Indicator Appear while Replying to Instagram Notes

No, the typing indicator is not shown while replying to an Instagram Note. Although Instagram notes are on the direct messages page there won’t be typing indication for it.


You can use any of the ways that I provided as every way can disable your Instagram typing indicator. And if you ask me which way I would recommend? I use Instander for turning off the typing indicator so I would recommend you use Instander. But if you don’t like that way, feel free to use the other ways that I provided.

And you can use multiple methods to hide the typing status too. Use the last three ways according to your circumstances. Finally, if you have any doubts, you can ask me in the comments or contact me personally.

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